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There are two possible activities in our Olive Mill:

Visit the Olive Mill:

Our Olive Mill is a modern cold extraction plant, built right outside the village of Tsivaras. As the first of offer activities, it is easily accessible and open for tourists, groups, foodies and olive oil enthusiasts.

Visiting during working hours, you can take a look around and try our local, cold extracted Extra Virgin Olive oil. After that, you could admire the Millennial Olive Tree in our yard and see some machinery of past decades. Finally, you can browse our shop and discover local products of high quality.

There isn’t any charge or fee for visiting, apart from any possible purchases.

Join the free Olive Oil Tour:

The free Olive Oil Tour is the second of possible activities we offer. It is practically an introduction and insight in the olive oil world. It has a duration of approximately 30 minutes and consists of 5 parts:

  • A tour in the Old Olive Mill, also known as fabrika, consisting of millstones and a wooden press, as well as our Millennial Olive Tree, estimated of 1500+ year old.
  • A tour of the modern centrifugal unit and an explanation of modern methods of olive oil production and extraction.
  • Introduction to the Mediterranean diet and education in understanding the label and how to buy good olive oil.
  • Tasting of olive oil and various local products.
  • Questions and answers.

There isn’t any charge or fee for the free Olive Oil Tour, apart from any possible purchases.

Did you get you Extra Virgin Olive Oil for today?