Frequently Asked Questions

A few commonly asked questions and their answers.

1. What is the difference between the free tour and visiting the Olive Mill?

You can always visit the Olive Mill for shopping and some photos 🙂 .A quick explanation of how things work is possible, but not always available.

For an olive oil tour, following the schedule will ensure that you will hop in a free tour given by an accredited olive oil professional and maximize your olive oil experience.

2. When is the tour available? Is it available on national holidays? What about the Olive mill?

For questions regarding schedule and working hours, see “Schedule”. In general, the Olive Mill is open from 8.00 to 19.00 for shopping, and there are specific time slots for the free tour. Be sure to check “Schedule” if we are closed in an incoming national holiday.

3. What are the prices of the tours?

Both visiting the Olive Mill and joining the tour are free.

4. Is olive oil tasting included?

You can always try fresh, extra virgin olive oil for free, regardless you are in a tour or not.

5. How many more people will be with us in the free tour?

Since this is a free tour with no booking required, it is impossible to know the number of people in each group. However, the tour is free because the goal for us is to introduce people in olive oil and not to turn ourselves into a tourist trap. The 30 minute duration is an estimate for 6 people, and if more show up, it is adjusted accordingly. So don’t worry about the number of people joining; the more the merrier!

6. Where does the tour take place?

The tour takes place exclusively in our facility. You can see the location in Google Maps at the coordinates seen in the homepage of this website.

7. We would like to come in our own vehicle, how do we get there?

Tsivaras is a small village in the prefecture of Chania, between Kalyves and Vamos. Even though it is quite easy to find us, it is highly recommend following GPS instructions. You could also follow directions “Melissakis Olive Mill” in Google Maps.

8. We are not staying near the Olive Mill. Can you pick us up?

We don’t directly arrange a pick-up service. In the “Associates” section you can choose from a list of professionals who do transfers with friendly prices and high quality of services.

9. Is there a lot of walking or standing during the tour?

Not really. Walking is very limited and if someone feels tired and would like a take a seat, it is available. Please remember that the free tour is only 30 minutes long, so it is not expected to be tiring.

10. We are travelling with children. Are the provided services available for them as well?

By all means and no questions asked: yes!

11. Is the tour available for people using a wheelchair or with people with a disability?

Yes. The surface of the location is ground and even with no stairs at any point. The only spot not so easy to reach is the WC, which a helping person could be helpful.

12. If the weather is bad (rainy, windy etc.), what happens?

All is OK even in the worst weather conditions. Depending on the weather we might skip the first part of the tour, in which we talk about historical facts inside the Olive Mill before the questions and answers part.

13. We are vegetarian/vegan/etc. Is there a special olive oil for us? 

Extra virgin olive oil is practically the juice of the olive. There isn’t a special EVOO for vegans or other dietary categories because…. it is already a vegan and 100% natural product!

14. What else is there to do? Do you offer other tours, like a wine tour?

We don’t offer any other tours at the moment, but the Olive Oil tour is connected with as a part of larger guided tours. Check the “Associates” section for a list of available tours.

15. Are there any requirements?

Only two:

  1. Come in with appetite for knowledge and learning.
  2. Keep in mind that all you need is EVOO!
Always available for tasting and snacking!