In this part of our website, you can find a list of associates, which include selected partners and websites. Visit their websites to learn about Crete, local gastronomy, events and activities!

Tours and activities:

  1. Vamos Village : . Founded by Giorgos a few decades ago. Offers activities, tours and accomodation based on a sustainability model.
  2. Let’s Crete : . Let’s Crete is a team of locals spearheaded by Spyros. They mostly focus on activities a little bit off the beaten path.
  3. Chania Wine Tours : . Anna Maria, a certified sommelier and her husband Vasilis, wine enthusiast, offer wine-based guided tours in awarded wineries.
  4. Crete day tours : . Vaios, heavily experienced in the tourism section, created Grand Reserve Travel in Santorini. This company is the Crete branch. (Because everybody wants to go to Crete!).
  5. GS Tours : . GS Tours Chania Ltd is a travel and tourism company with long experience and dynamic presence in Crete’s travel industry. They offer quite the number of tours.
  6. Fabulous Crete : . Fabulous Crete was created with the aim and hope of introducing and bringing the visitors of Crete in touch with the genuine Cretan culture and civilization. Check out their blog as well:

Transfer services:

  1. Chania Taxi Services : .For everyday small needs.
  2. Chania Transfers : .Offers mini buses and buses as well.
  3. GT Chania : .The largest team, offers solutions on the spot.

Portals and info pages:

  1. Incredible Crete : . Region of Crete webpage, with general information about the island.

Please note that all links are safe to click and we are not financially related to any of the businesses listed below by any means. This list is indicative and answers s.8 and s.14 in F.A.Q.

Finding good associates is like searching for a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil!